Tuesday, 17 February 2015

Simple 3 step Instructions to host a website

Website hosting has become reasonably cheaper these days  , with newer and advanced features provided by the hosting companies ,the hosting  competition is stirring up and now even google has joined this hosting competition , you can now host basic html website of your own from your google drive account,  to do so just follow three simple steps below and host your website in few minutes for free

Step 1 :
Login to your google drive account , if you don’t have an google account sign up and create a new account
create new google mail account  using
Sign up for Gmail
If you already have a google mail account (Gmail) login to your account
After logging in click on the menu icon located on the top bar  , after clicking on it you should see something like this .

Now from here click on google drive icon 

After clicking on this icon you will be taken to your google drive .

Step 2:
Create a folder here , by clicking on the side menu create button .

From the available options select the folder option , a dialog will appear enter the folder name here  an hit create , and the folder will be created .

Now in this folder store the html files you want to host along with the java script , images and other files required for your website to run , as a good website host you should keep your image files in an image folder , java script file in js folder and css files in css folder ,this is a standard and organized structure of a website .
*Note:  Do not include any server side scripts such as asp , aspx or php scripts as they wont execute  .
To upload files simply click on the upward arrow button and select files option from here  then select all your html files , similarly you can upload all the folders such as css , js etc from this options menu by directly selecting folder option

And the folder should contain files in this manner

After uploading files and folders , click on the My Drive  or simply  hit back button then
Select the folder you want to host

And now click on the share icon 

A dialog will pop up from here click on advanced at the right bottom 

Then another dialogue will pop up after clicking on advanced

 From this dialog copy the link provided in the share box.
*Note : Here we are interested only in the id part of the link.
Then click on change in the who can access section.
Another dialog will appear from here select Public on the web option and hit save .

Step 3:
The link that you copied earlier in step 2 needs to be modified now
copy the id part from the above 
write a new adrress starting with
https://googledrive.com/host/[Your  id goes here ]
and finally the address should look something like this
now you can share this website address with any one , and they will be able to view your website hosted on your google drive .